In the 1990′s, Stone drew music-related comics for San Francisco’s “The American Music Press” and created cartoons for The Improv Comedy Club. His single-panel cartoon “Stone’s Throw,” was picked up by “The New Breed,” a division of King Features Syndicate.

       His first novel: “The Americanization of Poe Ogdred” was represented by Tricia Davey while she was at the prestigious Sanford J.Greenburger Literary Agency. A few years later, “Poe Ogdred” became “Poe Gill” and became the basis of a series of animated shorts.

      Matty continues to work on animations. In 2017, he created a series of animations called The Grand Lake. He is currently developing a half-hour animated pilot based on those characters.

      A collection of 24 of his funniest, true, short stories have been compiled into a collection called “Behavio(u)r Unbecoming.” This collection is looking for a home with a publishing house.

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